If you ask women, what is the best ethnic wear in India after saree? Immediately you can hear lehenga choli from them and that’s the popularity of the garment. Lehenga choli gives the resplendent look to the women. Most of the functions and wedding are incomplete without such a type of garment. Get the lehenga choli online without painful shopping in the streets. If you buy online you’re saving your time at the same time you’ll be able to see many number of lehenga choli in short time. There are another type lehenga existed in the market, namely Chaniya choli. Let’s find the differences between the lehenga choli and chaniya choli and which is comfortable and why. Let’s have a clear discussion on these two types of ethnic wear.

      Lehenga and chaniya, both are skirts only where choli refers to the blouse. These two comes with dupatta or an odhni. Lehenga choli available in different cuts such as straight cut, panel style, and fish cut lehenga. As mentioned above two lehenga and chaniya both come under the straight cut lehenga model.

      One of the main differences between lehenga choli and chaniya choli is that chaniya choli can also be worn as daily wear in some places in north India like Gujarat and Rajasthan. Women wear it to wedding and birthday celebrations too. Crepe and silk chaniya choli with brocade work is most popular from all. Daily wear is manufactured from cotton material. But, most of the women never wear lehenga choli as a daily wear. Mainly it can be worn on celebrations. Embellished lehenga choli gives the gorgeous look the women. Its cost is more.


      Chaniya choli is loose fitting bottom with a straight shape. But lehenga will show some curves on body shape because of its tight at the waist. Anyways women love to wear them for big festivals such as navarati and diwali. Lehenga model is started from mogul culture and chaniya have taken the wings from Indian culture. Ghagra and chaniya have started long back. It is the main and vital dress during the Aryan women era. Even in mythology, it explained in many stories such as Lord Sri Krishna.


      If you’re heading towards any celebration and you’re not sure which kind of dress you want to wear, and then red lehenga saree is the best option for you. The red color is the iconic symbol of love, romance, comfort and intensive. Shop more women clothing online and enjoy your life up to the max.