Saree is an ethnic, sensuous and traditional wear for women.  Same time it provides you to flaunt with body curves too. There are many things you should know before you wear a saree. If it’s not worn properly, the beauty of saree and style will get spoiled. Drape these saree with precautions and look stunningly beautiful.


Below, we have given few tips and precautions to dazzle in saree:

Wearing wrong shoesFoot wear is very important on dressing style. These can tell a lot about you. Never try to wear wedges with saree. High heels make you look great.  Slippers should be avoided with saree. Better to wear high heels on saree. It goes well as they make you slimmer and taller too. If you don’t have suitable color, black color heels suggested as footwear.

Get away from heavy jewelry: You don’t have to wear a heavy amount of chains or necklaces to have dazzling look for any occasion. Wear a simple one chain or necklace and pendant. So be simple with ornaments with saree. You’ll definitely get a nice decent look. This will enhance your natural beauty surely.

Try different styles:  There are many number of draping styles to wear a saree. If you know normal draping style, then you can try other styles too. But if it is new to you, we won’t suggest you to do so. You can take help from relatives in this case if you want give a try to new style of draping it. Online saree shopping is easy and you can get sarees as per your choice.

Must suitable to occasion:  Wear a saree as per the situation and occasion. Then only it feels good.  Wearing a fancy net saree to a temple won’t be good. In the same way if you are heading to party cotton saree is not a good choice. For this occasion there are many types o f party wear saree available online in the market.  Decent formal sarees are advised to women to work field.


Blouse Fit:  Of course tight blouse gives you sexy look. But never try these things if you are not comfortable. If you want to use that kind of look, reduce your sizes and get the slim look and then try again. Same time very loose blouse also not recommended.

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