Indian ethnic and traditional women clothing saree never goes out of style. In the same way lehenga saree is another women clothing wear which very popular in India. Most of the lehenga saree looks like saree only.  It’s the combination of lehenga and saree.


How does lehenga saree so popular in India?

Most of the Indian women love to celebrate loud parties or traditional festivals with new clothing. Hence they prefer the Indian ethnic clothing for festivals or marriages too. Hence most of the women use this type women lehenga saree a lot. Hence it‘s used by most of the Indian women. Not just in our country, foreigners also love to wear lehenga saree. It shows the traditional and cultural value of our country. It is so simple to wear and easy to carry. At the same time, it won’t make any trouble even if you’re in the party.

Do you want to wear lehenga saree? Here are the few tips for you:

Lehenga saree you want to wear should be ironed well and better to have matching blouse. Be well prepared with pair of heels.

-Adding jewelry and accessories like necklace or bangles will produce the dazzling look to the women.

-Safety pins in case if you need.

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So, how to wear a lehenga like a saree? Let’s go through in detailed explanation.

Let’s start with lehenga and make few pleats like how you do for saree.  Just tuck the pleats below the navel & bring the rest to your waist part of the body. That rest of the saree should go from your front to waist. Make sure that length of the pallu is short. If it seems to be very long then make adjustment according to that size.  Five to six pleats are more than enough for pallu. Next, bring the pallu up to the left shoulder and just pin it neatly. That’s it. You’re ready with beautiful and gorgeous lehenga saree, with a beautiful smile on the face.

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