Tips to Drape a Nivi Style, Bengali style, Gujrati Style and Lehenga Style Saree

It’s a known fact actuality, that there are more than around 80 styles to wrap a saree, since it’s amongst the most flexible dress ever it’s not an amazement for anybody. While most ladies in India and the neighboring countries love to wearing saree in their typical standard, wearing it routinely in same old style can be very monotonous. So regardless of the way that you are a normal or a noob, we have explained here how to drap nivi style, Bengali style, Gujrati style and lehenga style saree.

How to Wear a Bengali Style Saree

The Bengali style of draping a saree is very alluring; in it there are no pleats on the midsection rather the saree is hung once in anti-clockwise direction and the second time clock wise, bringing the pallu or the other end from behind the back, pleating  it on the front.

Most of the ladies who wear Bengali style is will not finish without a bindi and jhumkas in gold (so that you know)

You can see bollywood actress Aishwarya rai bachchan in Devdas or Rani Mukherjee at durga pujo and get set go

Tips to Drape a Nivi Style Saree

This style that enthused the age long saree draping style that we can see normally in North India and also on the screen. In this style the saree is tucked in a belt from one end, hung around the midriff and pleated according to the necessity, the flip side is left free. The loose side or pallu is set on the left shoulder. This traditionalist style is the most adaptable for all shape and size of ladies.

With this style there is no any such rules of what to wear and what not to wear in accessories, you can look beautiful buy wearing accessories jhumkas or hoops or is it going to be only a watch in one hand and the bangles in the other hand.

How to Drap Gujarati Style Saree Superbly

In spite of the fact that a standout amongst the most popular style like gujrati girls look beautiful, the gujarati style of draping a saree is very little not much differ from Nivi style that we explained you before. In it the saree is draped around the waist and pleated however loose end or the pallu is brought from the back from the correct shoulder which is either tucked and pleated or left free or tucked partially.

If you want to show off your pallu then this is the style for you.

Match it with an armlet or stack your hands with bangles and you are going to rock the shows and function.

How to Drap a Saree in Lehenga Style

Not at all like alternate looks which are more adaptable and suits about each occasion, can this style be worn just at a wedding or a party. While half stitched lehenga style sarees are nothing new, you can even wrap yourself in lehenga style on your own. Just like lehenga it requires numerous pleats, tuck the pleats on the midsection and you are prepared to sport the look.

From decorated headgears to colossal neckpieces defining neckline, almost everything blingy suits this style.